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is a cellulose fibre made from 100 % bamboo stalks.
It is produced by using the viscosity method through extraction of cellulose from the bamboo. This gives a new, environmentally friendly material that is easier to decompose in nature.

Bamboo, which is used to make this fibre is carefully selected and brought up in uncontaminated environment. The whole process of distillation and the production process itself are under strict control standards  ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.
Scientists have discovered that the bamboo fibre has a unique anti-bacterial function. This is a natural function and differs from the chemical antimicrobial finishes, which can cause allergic skin reactions. Therefore the bamboo fibre
is a nature-friendly antibacterial and anti allergic material, which after repeated washing does not lose its natural functions.
The cross-section of the bamboo fibre is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, leading to much better moisture absorption and ventilation.
This gives us breathability and conductivity. Bamboo fibres are characterized as natural, green and eco-friendly fibres of the 21st century.
Fabric made from the bamboo yarn has excellent qualities allowing moisture vapour
to be transmitted through the material, is pleasant to the touch, has a silky lustre
and bright colour. The most important characteristic however is its antibacterial,
anti-allergic and sterilizing function.
Because of the above mentioned characteristics the bamboo fibre is an ideal material
for baby clothes, especially for underwear that is in constant contact  with the skin.

Ecologically friendly organic cotton

Ecologically friendly cotton is grown in soil without added pesticides, herbicides and other toxins.
Seeds are produced by genetic modification.
A method of organic farming improves soil fertility and protects workers on these types of fields
from poisoning, while maintaining the quality of the environment for us and future generations.
Why opt for clothes made from organic cotton?

 Organic cotton is softer to the touch, since the fibres are intact resp. not broken and no
   harmful substances are used in the production.

Organic cotton is not treated with formaldehyd.

Organic cotton is less likely to cause or trigger allergies.
  (Therefore are children´s clothes, made from organic cotton helpful in eczema)

Children´s clothes made from organic cotton are good for children since they do not contain
chemicals and do not have nagative impacts on the environment.  
With their purchase we care for children´s health and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Traditional cotton accounts for around 40% of the total textile production.
For its production, thousands  of different pesticides, insecticides  and other chemicals are used.
Only 3% of all agricultural land and 25 % of all chemical pesticides and fertilizers are used for cultivation.
What is the difference in the production of organic cotton?

Producers of organic cotton resp. organic farmers use different procedures in the cultivation of bamboo.
Organic farmers regularly perform their crop rotation to ensure enough nutrients in the soil. 
The ground is fertlized exclusively with organic compost (natural nitrogen).
Instead of trying to eradicate pests with chemicals, they control pests through their natural enemies 
and by using different methods of directing them away from the cotton plantations. In the developed
world the bamboo is machine harvested in less developed countries they still implement manual 

Organic clothes are not harmful to our health, are soft to the touch and breathable.
They do not irritate the skin and have a positive impact on the well-being and health of children.

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