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Clar Bamboo

Clar, children´s underwear made from bamboo
Bamboo is a new, eco-friendly material that is easier to decompose in nature. Scientist have discovered  that a bamboo fibre has a unique 
anti-bacterial function. Therefore the bamboo fibre is a nature-friendly antibacterial and antiallergic material, which after repeated washing
does not lose its natural function. Bamboo underwear absorbs moisture perfectly and releases it quickly into the atmosphere. 
Bamboo underwear has excellent qualities, allowing moisture vapour to be transmitted through the material, is pleasant to the touch,
has a silky lustre and bright colour. The most important characteristics however is its antibacterial, anti-allergic and sterilizing function.
Because of the above mentioned characteristics, the bamboo fibre is an ideal material for baby clothes, especially for underwear that is
in constant contact with the skin. Give your child the best. 

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